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Waste & House Clearance in Portsmouth

Hi. My name is Owen Pink and I’m a clearance specialist.  My company, All Clearances Portsmouth, offers waste clearance services for homes and businesses in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport and Stubbington.

I’m a licensed clearance carrier, so you can be sure that I will collect and dispose of your waste lawfully and safely.  You’re held responsible if your waste is fly tipped, which can happen if you don’t dispose of it properly,  so it’s important the person you rely on to clear out your home or business and dispose of your waste, rubbish and recycling  understands the right way to do this.


You can depend on me for quick, dependable service. Services I offer include

  •     House, garage and shed clearance
  •     Removal of domestic, commercial and building waste and rubbish
  •     Garden waste removal and green waste disposal (including topsoil)
  •     Paper recycling removal

I offer free scrap metal removal – I will pay you for steel.


I’m proud to say that my clearance service is very affordable, with costs much less than those of the local council and large clearance firms. How do I keep my prices so low? I keep my business lean, so I don’t have a big office, call centres or other expenses of larger clearance services.
Costs vary according to the amount of work involved and the type of waste being removed.

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