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House Clearance in and around Portsmouth

If you need someone to clear out your house or remove your household waste or rubbish, you can depend on me.  I’m Owen Pink. I specialise in house clearance, and I own the licensed waste removal company, All Clearances Portsmouth.

We provide affordable, professional house clearance services in and around Portsmouth. We work quickly and efficiently, so you can rely on us to get the job done without mess or fuss.

Our reputation is excellent most of our work comes from word of mouth and repeat business.
Why You Need a Licensed Professional

As a licensed house clearance company, we know all of the relevant regulations associated with waste removal. If you dispose of your waste incorrectly, you could be liable for up to “2000” the fine for fly tipping.  Why take a chance? Leave everything to us. We will make sure to take care of every aspect of your house clearance properly, so you can relax and have peace of mind.

Cost of House Clearance

We charge much less than local councils and large clearance companies.  This is because we don’t have big expenses to pass on to you – no expensive offices or call centres. While the exact cost of house clearance will vary based on the kind of waste, the amount of waste you need removed and the amount of labour involved, you can rest assured that we’ll charge you the best price for the service you require.

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