Internal Demolition & Rip Outs

Internal Demolition

I’m Owen Pink. I provide a wide range of internal demolition services. My services normally follow on the soft strip process. Basically this includes the removal of ceiling, temporary floors and walls, non-load bearing partitions, electrical and mechanical systems including ventilation systems, cables, cable trays and lighting.

If you have a small project like demolishing a wall in your home, excavating your kitchen for remodeling, your bathroom or decks I can cater to the project. In my time operating a clearance company, I’ve carried out numerous demolition projects in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport and Stubbington. I understand for a demolition to be successful the right method must be used based on the building and the structures being demolished. I can pick out the best method that ensures your project is completed quickly, in an efficient manner and at a very competitive price.

Rip Outs  

I also offer rip out services. If you need an extensive demolition project like a full house rip out done I got you covered. From commercial to residential and industrial project demolition, I provide a wide range of rip out services to suit clients of a wide demographic.

Residential Rip Outs

I offer partial and whole house rip out services. Contact me for a free no obligation quote if you’d like a residential rip out.

Services I offer in residential rip out include but are not limited to:

Partial and full kitchen rip outs – I offer kitchen rip out services designed to revitalise this precious space. You don’t have to lift a finger. Everything is done for you.

I believe constant communication is paramount to a successful project hence I will regularly consult you, as my client, as needed, to ensure the work is carried out in accordance to your specifications.

Bathroom Rip Outs – I tackle everything in a bathroom from toilets, showers, sinks, baths and even bidets. If you’re in Stubbington, Gosport, Fareham or Portsmouth I can rip any of these from your bathroom.

Garage Rip Outs – I discuss with you the desired outcome you’d like in your garage and proceed with the rip out based on your vision.

Other rip out services I offer include shed, siding, stoops, patios, chimneys and deck rip outs. Contact me for a free no obligation quote.

Commercial Rip Outs

Services I offer in commercial rip out include but are not limited to:

Office rip outs – I work with you through all the stages of the rip out to ensure your office conforms to your desires.

Carpet rip outs – Office carpets have been known to be cumbersome. Contact me to help you rip them off the floors around all those difficult corners.

Wall paper rip outs – Need help defacing those walls? I can help turning it into a blank canvas as you sit back and relax.

Flooring rip outs – I can help you rip out your flooring materials. Vinyl, oak boards, pine floors or quarry tiles, it doesn’t matter. I have years of experience conducting a large range of flooring rip outs.

Quality Clean Up

All internal demolition and rip out services are followed by a clean-up service. Expect exterior and interior debris removal, and estate clean outs the next day. I’m available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thanks for visiting, Owen.

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